8 simple ways to get that PPO fired!

If you’re looking for ways to make your internship an unforgettable experience… for your employer, you may want to try these 8 really adventurous things ;)


  1. Ask for a raise on your second day You totally deserve it for coming before time on your first day at office.image-1

  2. Never show up on time  You’re a dreamer, remember? And you dream big, so what if they are not big on ambitions, at least they are big in duration.image-2

  3. Surprise them Notify them at 9:30 AM that you’re going to attend your cousin’s friend’s aunt’s grandmother’s funeral. Tell your manager that you’d also bring some achaar prepared by the [now dead] granny.Image-3

  4. Have some class [and maintain it during office party] Anything below Jack Daniels is an insult to you.Image-4

  5. Form a dead poets interns society A platform to discuss about your mentors (did I say discuss? Sorry, I meant bitch).image-5

  6. Value your relationships over everything – It is perfectly fine to use office landline to speak to your girlfriend/boyfriend, for hours.image-6

  7. Be curious – Ask your manager lot of questions: how much does his girlfriend earn, any plans for switching the current job, etc.image-7

  8. You believe in leveraging your network  Hit on your manager, or any manager that fits the bill.You could bring him/her flowers, apply (waste) a complete and new bottle of deodorant every day, wear macho/beautiful outfits: anything that is supposed to impress her/him.image-8PS: If you take any one of the above seriously, then probably you may end up getting fired :D

Image Credits – giphy.com, parade.com

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One thought on “8 simple ways to get that PPO fired!

  • July 30, 2015 at 10:36 AM

    Lol, these are catalysts to getting fired, even when u are the best intern. I just wonder who will try these at the first place except the person really dont want to stay.


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