How Applying For a Boyfriend Position Is Similar To Applying For an Internship

How applying for a boyfriend position is similar to applying for an internhsipIt’s that time of the year again. As the V-Day arrives, singles all over the globe start panicking – to get that perfect date and not waste another year eating takeout, watching Die Hard movies, and cribbing about their committed friends. Similar panic is observed when students struggle to find summer internships.

After struggling for years in both the fields, it finally dawned upon our editor that applying for a boyfriend position is similar to applying for an internship. A girlfriend is equivalent to a company; both conduct severe screening tests before hiring a guy for their service. If you are wondering how that’s possible, here are a few pointers for you:

1. Applying for a boyfriend position is a highly competitive affair; just like an internship position, there are way too many applicants for a single company!

2. Work experience matters– previous experience with a company definitely helps in understanding the nuances of approaching a new one.

3. Your Tinder profile is as important as your resume: Companies don’t spend more than 5-8 seconds before swiping left.

4. Once you are shortlisted, you have to prove your skills. It can be either through a written assignment (via WhatsApp or letters) or practical gestures (like paying their bills and shopping for them).

5. This is followed by a telephonic interview – you have to survive long conversations, especially in the middle of the night. Furthermore, you have to recharge their phones after all the calls to express your sincerity and gratefulness.

6. The final hurdle, before the real hardship begins, is the face-to-face interview aka the proposal. You have to convince the company why you are a good fit for the role; how the company will benefit if you are hired, and where do you see your relationship with the company after five years. And, of course, the most important question- why this particular company!

7. Those of you, who are finally successful in grabbing the position with the company, all the best! (You will need it!) And, for all the rejected candidates: Don’t lose hope. Every company has different requirements, and sometimes those requirements keep changing. Maybe the company you applied to was looking for a workout enthusiast instead of a tech junkie; maybe your bank balance was the criteria instead of your knowledge of cricket trivia; and maybe, the company needed an emotional and understanding applicant instead of an insecure and possessive one! You just have to keep trying; you never know which company’s requirements match your profile. :)

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If you have experienced similar hardships and have anything to add, we would love to hear; please comment below.

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