My Journey of Building Formula Prototype Cars

my-journey-of-building-formula-prototype-carsAbout the Author: Naveen Kashyap is pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from K.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He joined Internshala VTC for AutoCAD training and talks about his journey of building Formula-style race cars.

In our college, every semester, placement training is conducted to help students get prepared for the interviews. Since I was only in the second year in 2015, I believed that there was no need for training and usually skipped those classes. However, one day (or should I say an eye-opening day), because of my friends I attended the class where that instructor informed us about Internshala and explained how useful it could be for our future. That day itself, I created my account.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, while checking emails from Internshala, I came to know about its Virtual Training Center. As I was in Mechanical department, it was necessary to learn AutoCAD; however, I wasn’t in a position to afford the fee of coaching centers because of my weak financial condition. VTC was offering almost 40% discount, but I wasn’t sure if I could learn AutoCAD online.

After some days, I received another email through which I came to know about VTC Young Achiever Scholarship. It was an initiative to help students who performed well in academics and came from a low-income background. I applied and was one of the winners who received the scholarship. I got the chance to opt for a free-of-cost online training of my choice. I selected AutoCAD and, believe me, that decision changed my life. The training started and their teaching methodology was way beyond my expectations. It felt more like a classroom program with one-on-one interactions. Sabeer sir, the trainer, was very good at teaching the concepts and explained the whole software step by step, slowly and interestingly. For all the queries, there was a very quick response from the support team. I really enjoyed those few weeks of learning.

The technical skills that I developed further helped me. In our college, there is a team, Pegastatem Motorsports, which builds Formula prototype cars for SUPRA SAE India and other national level contests. The team had different sub-teams like Marketing, Brakes, Suspension, Roll Cage Design and Analysis, Engine etc. Getting into the team was a huge task itself as the required criteria were difficult and competition was high. For being a member of Roll Cage Design and Analysis team, one needs to know how to draft 2D sketch of the car for primary design, doing iterations, changing it into a 3D design, followed by stress analysis. Knowledge of AutoCAD is imperative for this and they test your knowledge of the software and check how efficiently you can make drawings using AutoCAD. Since I knew it very well, thanks to the training, I stood out from the crowd and got through the selection process. I’ve come a long way since then and won many 2D drafting competitions held in the college. Hopefully, our team will win the SUPRA SAE India contest too! I’m also preparing for CAED (Computer Aided Engineering Drawing) contests, and the knowledge of AutoCAD is coming really handy.

VTC has helped me move ahead in my career, and I really thank them for all the opportunities that I got due to AutoCAD learning and also for the way they are supporting financially weak students. I would recommend all the students to take up at least one VTC training and experience how it changes their life.

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