Building my dream career with Internet of Things

building-my-dream-career-with-internet-of-things-2About the Author: Aman Kumar is pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from BK Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pilani. He joined Internshala VTC for Internet of Things training and shares how he aimed to build his dream career with this training.

I’ve always wanted to work as an embedded systems engineer. In order to fulfill my dream, I learned about different microcontrollers, the building blocks of embedded system. However, I knew that I had to learn more skills to stand apart from the crowd during placements. One day, while browsing on LinkedIn I came across an article on Internet of Things (IoT). The article was about futuristic transformation of the world through a vast internet network.

I was intrigued and researched some more on that topic. I started searching for institutes which provided training on IoT. As my college is situated at a remote place, I couldn’t find a single institute there. I couldn’t go to the nearby city for a whole month for learning it as I had to manage my attendance. Also, I could not afford the accommodation and tuition fee of the training institute. I put forward the proposal of conducting a training program on IoT in college but due to the busy schedule for the upcoming technical fest, it was not possible for the college to organize it at that time. Now, I could either wait for months or spend a lot of money during vacations to achieve my goal. At that time, I was familiar with Internshala but had no idea about its Virtual Training Center (VTC). So, when I came to know about it, I contacted Internshala and asked all my queries related to VTC. After a satisfactory conversation with them, I decided to join the IoT training.

As the training started, my excitement knew no bounds. I didn’t have to travel and could learn IoT sitting in my hostel room at any time! Since the course was for beginners, no past training was required. They also provided the kit required for training. The program was split into four modules with a test at the end of each module. Some minor projects or experiments were also assigned in each module for the better understanding of concepts. At the end, there was a final exam and the certificate was provided only after clearing it. I learned the skills that I wanted and got the confidence to do something extraordinary. I have made a project on Smart Irrigation System based on IoT technology which I’m going to present in the upcoming technical fest in my college and also in Gandhi Young Technological Innovation Award competition.

I’m grateful to the mentors and the support team, not just for helping me, but also for providing the much needed moral support. I used to contact them through emails and even WhatsApp. They not only answered my queries but also gave ideas for making interesting projects. In addition, there was also a forum with a whole list of FAQs where one could get answers to all the queries.
Thank you, Internshala, for helping me gain these new skills and propelling me towards achieving my dream.

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