How I finally learned the most in-demand technology without compromising on my college schedule

How I finally learned the most in-demand technology without compromising on my college scheduleAbout the Author: Debadri Dutta is pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. He joined Internshala VTC for Internet of Things training and shares how he was finally able to learn IoT without compromising on his regular schedule.

I had always been interested in new technologies and aspired to become a perfect engineer. So, I googled a lot about the recent most in-demand technology and got to know about Internet of Things (IoT). At first, I thought of joining a coaching class, but I realized that it won’t be possible for me to travel and attend classes regularly after spending 6 hours in college and especially on Sundays – the only day I get to relax.

I came across an Internshala ad on Facebook soon after. I went through their website and was quite impressed. There was also an option of Online Winter Trainings. When I clicked on it, I was redirected to Internshala Virtual Training Center (VTC) site which had many online training programs including IoT. I saw the demo video, read all the training details and found it really interesting. I didn’t need to travel anywhere and so I decided to give it a try.

My kit delivery was delayed a bit because of the courier services and I informed them. Within 24 hours, I got a reply from the support team. They were very cooperative and extended my training program. Soon the training started. In the introduction video, everything about the program was explained – the structure, recommended time for modules, how I could download study material, give tests etc. I was very satisfied with the study material and the embedded videos; they explained the concepts clearly. Sometimes, when I was unable to study on a particular day, I used to study extra on the next day to cover it up, which is a major advantage of such online programs. There is no concept of missing important classes.

The entire training was divided into different modules. The mentors were really helpful, and whenever I had any doubt it was cleared within the next 24 hours. There was also a Knowledge Forum where all the students taking the training would post their doubts and questions. The questions asked were very interesting and helped in understanding some advanced concepts. Moreover, the training expert made sure that not a single question remained unanswered. Even I had asked 4-5 questions and all of them were very well explained.

The best part of the training is the short evaluation test at the end of every module to check your learning, without clearing which you can’t move to the next module. You can also compare it with the average marks, which is displayed there, to understand where you stand. In the end, there is a final exam which tests everything that you have learned in the training. There is also an option to display your score from the exam on the certificate which you receive after completing the program. If your score is good, then this certificate gives you a huge boost during the placements.

In a nutshell, I completed the program according to my convenience and learned a new skill without affecting my regular studies and that too at such a cheap price! Now that my basics are strong, I’m able to learn advanced concepts pretty easily. I would recommend you to go for a training program according to your interest as it’ll play an important role in shaping your career.

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