Taming the monster called coding – One module at a time

Taming the monster called coding - One module at a timeAbout the Author: Akshat Vaishya is pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai. He joined Internshala VTC for Core Java Online Training and shares how he was finally able to overcome his aversion towards coding.

Coding, or programming as referred by many, is one of the things that I dreaded the most. Have you ever encountered an experience in your life where you actually wanted to avoid something but you still couldn’t refrain from it? Well if yes, then you will certainly relate to my programming phobia. I’m from Information Technology stream, and that’s why I had to learn to program despite my hatred for it.

I remember it was the last day of college and my fellow batchmates were discussing what kind of internship or project (based on java programming) they should pursue which would prove to be a huge leap in their career. They were so confident about this completely extraterrestrial, other-worldly thing and its impact on their life. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I started googling some online coaching programs that could make me a little familiar with this alien phenomenon. Disappointed with the results, I started surfing on Facebook when I saw an advertisement by Internshala VTC about various winter training programs. My first impulse was to ignore it as I was sure it would be expensive. However, faces of my friends, excited about the internships and projects, started floating in front of my eyes and I felt that twinge of envy. So, I visited the VTC website and was pleasantly surprised to see such a low cost. They assured of teaching me Java programming in a span of 4 weeks, which would still give me over 2 weeks for practicing. I went through the student testimonials to understand the experiences of previous students before checking the contents of the program. Furthermore, the flexibility of studying according to my own schedule was something which attracted me the most. It felt like someone walked up to me and offered me my favorite chocolate for the competition I had never won.

Soon, the training started. Yes, I was scared at first. Scared of the teacher who I won’t see or meet in person. Logging on to Internshala that day seemed tougher than the day I had first come across it. Some of the rules set by Internshala were a little hard to digest at first like how I couldn’t start the second module until I was done with the first and that too after clearing a test. Damn! Why did they need to take a test! It was only after a couple of weeks that I realized the importance of these small tests. The way this training was designed, it gave me the perfect start and fueled my interest to keep going forward throughout the duration of the training.

I started solving practice exercises for every topic. The knowledge forum was, of course, always ready to solve my silly doubts. I would really like to thank the mentors as I know I was a major headache, sending emails for even the smallest of doubts, but they made sure none of it was ever left unanswered. The project at the end of the training was a great way to check all the learning; it wasn’t easy to complete but it put a smile on my face once I completed it.

As the new semester began, I started attending classes confidently and with every new concept the teacher taught, I thanked Internshala for driving away my fear and for making programming an interesting phenomenon.

2 thoughts on “Taming the monster called coding – One module at a time

  • March 31, 2017 at 3:31 PM

    hello akshat , i m shrija here from srm university ncr campus ….
    after reading your review ..i come to know that some more people are there who are like me only…
    i want to know that is it really helpful for us means ,will it complete our whole syllabus of java…????

    • April 24, 2017 at 6:48 PM

      Don’t learn to complete your syllabus but to complete your skill.


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