Unable to get any desired core job, I did a training to learn new skills. Now, I’m an intern at DRDO in my dream field!

Unable to get any desired core job, I did a training to learn new skills. Now, I'm an intern at DRDO in my dream field!About the Author: Akhil Yada is pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from VIT University. He joined Internshala VTC for VLSI Design using VHDL training and shares how it got him an internship at DRDO and provided the satisfaction of working in his dream domain.

The placement season was almost over, and I was placed in a good company. I had always been interested in the intricacies of my field, and my only aim was to land a core job in VLSI domain. However, as it turned out, I got placed as a business technology analyst instead. I started feeling that I wasn’t doing justice to everything that I had learned in the four years of my B.Tech. Despite having a good paying job, I wasn’t satisfied as it wasn’t something that I aspired to be. I didn’t know what I could do as only one core company had come for placements and there were hardly any core jobs available. One of my friends advised me to try for an internship in the core domain.

I tried getting an internship in Research Centre Imarat, a DRDO laboratory responsible for research and development of Missile Systems, Guided weapons, and advanced Avionics for Indian Armed Forces, as I had previously done an internship in a different department of DRDO. However, to my dismay, they required me to be proficient in VHDL. I had a basic idea of Verilog but didn’t know VHDL. I had the option of learning it using any textbook, but I thought for a while and concluded that I would learn it through Internshala VTC. Why did I do that? Well, Internshala was my go-to option for landing internships and so I surmised that their training content would also be according to the needs of the industry. And trust me, it was the best prediction that I’ve ever made. (Paul the Octopus, are you listening?)

The training was really good, and I completed it in six weeks. I was in 8th semester and had a lot of free time, but this training had me glued to the computer and ModelSim (software that I used) all day long. I don’t remember being so productive ever before in my life. The content was divided into different modules and a test was conducted at the end of every module to check the learning. The study material and assignments were comprehensive and explained in an easy, understandable language. The mentors were supporting and replied to all the queries promptly.
I’m sharing an image of the response I got from Internshala after posting my query:VTC query

I showcased my new coding skills to my batchmates and they were stumped! My final year project involved designing an Adaptive filter which required me to code in VHDL. I was able to implement the base paper in two months and now I’m working on making further improvements. I also gained a lot of confidence in programming after the completion of my training.

Thanks to the various concepts that VTC taught me, I’ve also been selected for a 2-month internship in DRDO. Yes, in the same Research Centre Imarat! I’ll finally be able to work in my desired field, utilizing the various VHDL concepts. Who knows, I might even start working full time in VLSI domain after gaining some good experience! I sincerely thank Internshala for empowering me so that I can follow my passion and derive satisfaction out of my work.

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4 thoughts on “Unable to get any desired core job, I did a training to learn new skills. Now, I’m an intern at DRDO in my dream field!

  • April 11, 2017 at 11:25 PM

    Sir, i saw the link of DRDO.
    Afterward what option to be click to get an internship at DRDO.

    • April 13, 2017 at 9:43 AM

      Hi Piyush,

      Thank you for writing in. You can visit the following link see DRDO’s student training and projects –

      Hope it helps.

      Team Internshala

  • April 12, 2017 at 10:30 AM

    I am Computer science engineering student of 5th sem. how may i get help from internshala and what all i need to get train which the industry actually wanmts and also what to do get internship or the training.


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