Game of Fests – If Game of Thrones was based in an Indian College

Welcome to the Seven Kingdoms Institute of Technology (SKIT)
Situated in Westesrospur colony of New Delhi, SKIT is one of the most sought after schools in the country. Seven Kingdoms is currently in news for receiving various complaints of student politics around fests. The annual fest, Valar Culturalis (All Men must attend culture fest), second largest in Asia, sees a footfall of more than a million during the 3 days. There is an intense competition among different houses (societies) of the college for making it to the organizing committee of the fest aka the small council and having their own candidate as the head of the committee. The selection of committee is just a night away but still, anything can happen for the election night is dark and full of terrors. That’s why the school has appointed a professional, Haider, who specializes in holding the door and not letting anyone in or out. Before the results are out, let’s look at some of the prominent names that came up during this election:

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-11. Janardan Snow aka the Liberal who knows nothing – He doesn’t understand the rivalry between hostellers and day scholars. He was the commander of hostel’s Night Watch, the special task force which makes sure that every hosteller is binge-watching GoT or some other sitcom whole night, but after they labeled him as an anti-national for inviting a day-scholar into hostel mess, he ended his watch. Now, he’s become the King in the North-campus and is aiming to bridge this gap between the two groups through organizing combined activities in the fest.

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-22. Samir Talli aka the Bookworm – The one who has book-hangovers. Textbooks, novels, comics, restaurant menu – there is nothing that he doesn’t like to read. A Potterhead and fantasy lover, he can be found in the deepest corners of libraries. Head of the Literary committee and a friend of Janardan, his vision of a cool fest entails reading marathons, poetry recitation, and short-story & article writing contests.

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-33. Ravan-sa Bolton aka the Monster – The sadist ‘bastard’ who brings some insanity in the world through his dreadfort-full activities. From eve teasing girls and bullying & ragging juniors to vandalizing college property, he has done every nuisance to make others suffer. The organizing committee is just his first step towards entering politics, the natural career progression for a criminal. He wants to replace treasure hunt contest during fest with the Prisoner Hunt, an improvised version of ‘Fetch‘ game that he developed for his dogs.

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-44. Lalu Verghese aka the Gossip monger – The master whisperer and the spymaster for the Head of Dragons (HOD). From dark corridors and washroom secrets to the gossip among faculties in the staff room, he is privy to every detail. He’s the one pulling the strings from backstage, manipulating the votes, and deciding who becomes a core committee member of all the clubs & societies of Seven Kingdoms. Thus, his role in this election too can’t be underestimated.

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-55. Daenerys Targaonkar aka the Mother of wagons – Being the only girl in the Mechanical department, she’s used to having boys acting as her wagons on her whims like the bearded Khal-nayak Drogo and the gangster Dara Nahari. She even friend zoned the elderly Jorawar Mormont in her quest to become the college queen. She feels she’s the rightful heir to the college throne because her father used to be the head of the organizing committee for some years! Thus, with her unsullied reputation, she’s going to take what belongs to her.

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-66. Pankaj Baelish aka the Shrewd manipulator – The master of loin of every hostel, his 2TB external hard disk delivers pleasure as it gets passed from one hostel room to another. However, this is just a façade that the Littlefinger employs so that he can show the middle finger to rules and regulations, and fulfill his ulterior motive: winning college elections and sitting on the throne of Seven Kingdoms – as the college president. The fest is just a rung on his ladder of chaos.

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-77. Tarun Sinister aka Baba Ranchoddas – The witty guy who has no interest in this mad race for the college throne and believes everything is better with some wine in the belly. He doesn’t believe in the rotting education system and reads books only for pleasure and to keep his mind sharp. From giving deep life lessons to giving info on cheapest food joints and the top 5 ways of rolling a joint, he’s a walking encyclopedia because that’s what he does – he drinks and he knows things.

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-88. Theon Grewal aka the ex-Romeo – Apart from the organizing members, this Romeo and his gang are the ones who desperately wait for the fest all through the year, dreaming of finding someone special. He’s tried all means possible to woo his Juliet (from using Tinder to even reading ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’!), but just reeks of failures. So, humiliated by his single-status, he turned cruel and started his own Anti-Romeo Squad to harass every couple that he can find around the seven kingdoms. His actions have caused a lot of voters to change their mind as they also want to protect their pure Westeros-culture from such Easternization.

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-99. Jaffrey Barethia aka the Spoilt brat – The one who feels he owns the entire college because his father is one of the richest trustees of the college. He thinks he’s the default head of the organizing committee and enjoys harassing students, especially the out-of-towners. He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty; his Ring-tards are always present for that. He drives a swanky BMW and doesn’t even hide behind his driver after killing people on footpaths – such is his arrogance!

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-1010. Charsi Sinister aka the Volatile wildfire – She’s always so high that she can’t differentiate between Valentine’s Day and Raksha Bandhan. Infamous for her temper and linguistic discrimination, she gives preferential treatment to students speaking her native language and those who use M-cream. She wants her favorites as the heads of different societies so that she can chill in Kasol or Malana without worrying about all the responsibilities. And not to forget, a sinister always pays her debts!

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-1111. Arya Shroff aka the Tomboy – The short and slender tomboy of the college who couldn’t refuse to any call for help like doing friends’ assignments, paying bills in the canteen, finding a date even for her own crush etc. However, she’s realized that she’s being too nice for her own good and everyone takes her for granted. After taking training from the master, Syria Maarel, a refugee from Syria habitual of hearing rejections and denials, she can now confidently say ‘Not Today’ whenever someone asks her for a favor. She plans to launch her own ‘wolfish’ range of clothing for the fashion show in the upcoming fest.

Game-of-Fests-If-Game-of-Thrones-was-based-in-an-Indian-College-1212. Sanya Shroff aka the Vindictive diva – The gorgeous, tender lady was brought up like a princess. She was a fairy tale addict and dreamt of finding her prince charming; however, she deeply regrets it now. She fell in love with a bad boy and suffered an abusive relationship, followed by an even more horrible experience with the next guy, Ravan-sa. She got tired of being a pawn in others’ machinations and is slowly becoming a player of the game. She plans to take her vengeance by beating Ravan-sa in his favorite ‘treasure’ hunting game in the fest.

So now that we are aware of all of them, who do you think should win the battle?

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