How I mastered the basics of Web Development


About the Author: Tanmoy Kanti Pait is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from ITER, Bhubaneswar. He joined Internshala Trainings for Web Development training and talks about his learning experience.

I opted for the web development training because I wanted to build new skills; I was interested in learning how web pages worked and how I could develop them on my own. The six-week long training was divided into four modules consisting of HTML & CSS, Bootstrap, SQL, and PHP.

All the important and relevant topics in the modules came with explainer videos, crisply written notes, and exercises that were needed to complete at the end of every topic. All these really helped me in learning web page development right from scratch. At the end of each module, we were given an assignment based on our learning from that module. The assignment was optional, but I made sure that I completed every assignment as it was really helpful in understanding the practical applications of my learnings. After submitting the assignment, there was a test at the end of every module. It was necessary to pass that test before one could move to the next module. The questions in the test were based on the optional assignments and the exercises, so I used to answer most of the questions correctly.

One thing that I was unsure about online trainings was whether I would get any assistance from tutors in case I had any doubts or extra questions; however, I found the Q&A forums very helpful as the usual doubts that I had were easily covered in those forums. And for any extra questions, I always asked the tutors whenever they were available and got prompt and to the point answers from them which helped a lot.

After completing all the four modules, we had to make a final assignment that involved joining all the bits of the previous assignments. This was very interesting and with the help of some instructions, I completed the assignment – I created a complete e-commerce website! After the assignment, it was time for the final exam. I found the questions a bit tricky and challenging, but I did fairly well. The training got over and I even received a certificate with my score in the final exam.

After getting in-depth knowledge about developing basic websites, I tried to make a full-fledged website for my mother’s boutique but realized that I needed to learn more about JavaScript, jQery etc. to make the website more attractive and appealing to customers. I’m currently learning those and hopefully, by the end of this year, I can successfully launch the website and help her business grow. Thank you, Internshala, for providing me an easy and affordable learning experience and helping me gain valuable skills.

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